Job Search Survival Training Classes Scheduled for 2014

Job Search Survival classes teach you how to find a job. The techniques we use are taked from an employers point of view, i.e. we tell you and show you what the employer needs to make a hiring decision. This makes you a better candidate in the interview process.

Some of the classes listed below are 1 day seminars, and some are 2 day seminars. On the 2 day seminars, different information is presented each day, so it is important to attend both days.

Job Search Survival Training Classes Scheduled for 2014

2014 Job Search Survival Seminar Schedule

Fort Bend County Texas

January 13 – 4:45pm to 8:00pm – Bob Lutts Library – Fulshear TX

February 24 & 25 – 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Sugar Land Library on Eldridge Road, Sugar Land TX

March 17 & 18 – 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Sienna Library – Missouri City TX

April 21 – 4:45pm to 8:00pm. Needville Library – Needville TX

May 19 & 20 – 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Cinco Ranch Library – Katy TX

August 6 & 7 – 5:30pm to 8:30pm. George Memorial Library – Richmond TX

September 22 & 23 – 5:30pm to 8:30pm. First Colony Library on Austin Parkway – Sugar Land TX

October 6 & 7 – 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Sienna Library – Missouri City TX

Click Here for Directions & Library Information:

These seminars teach all you need to know about how you can be successful in your job search. We teach the 10 main areas that you need to know to find your job! The World’s Best Resume, Advanced Interview Techniques, Your Step by Step Plan, and Your 30 second Marketing Commercial, are just a few of the classes we teach at the seminar.

We tell you what does not work, and then show you what does work! We want you to find a new job as quickly as possible, so we teach you the methods our successful students have used to find their new job.

The job of finding a new job is the hardest job you will ever have. You need the right tools and methods to be successful.

Remember, there are only 2 things that separate success from failure in the job search market – ATTITUDE and TECHNIQUE! Our techniques work, and the success you achieve improves your attitude.

Job Search Survival is an outreach ministry of Sugar Creek Baptist Church, and the classes are taught by successful business leaders in the community. The classes are free, and dress is casual. No pre-registration is needed. Our conference rooms at the library have room for over 100 students, so come and bring your friends!


Job Search Survival Advanced Training

& Support Group

If you are really serious about finding a new job, then after attending the seminar, you really need to attend the weekly Advanced Training and Support Group. This is where you can find help for any problem areas you may be having in your job search.

The weekly group meets at Sugar Creek Baptist Church, Main Building – just above the Commons and near the Bookstore. The class meets every Thursday, Room B3-75 from 9am to 11am.

Sugar Creek Baptist Church is located at 13333 Southwest Freeway, SugarLand TX 77478. Office phone number 281-242-2858. Or email for additional information.


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Tebow’s Advice for Job Seekers

“You can’t lose confidence in yourself, or you’ve lost already,” Tebow said. “When you get knocked down, you’ve got to keep getting back up.”

Tebow Adds to His Legend


MIAMI — Fans chanted Tim Tebow’s name in derision. They hooted as he missed open receivers, got buried under blitzes and kept falling short on third down. Then he led an improbable comeback that became the latest chapter in the legend of Tebow.

In his first start this year, Tebow rallied Denver with two touchdown passes in the final 2 minutes, 44 seconds of the fourth quarter to force overtime, and Matt Prater’s 52-yard field goal gave the Broncos a victory over Miami on Sunday. “It’s tough to say, but man, Timmy did a great job,” said Dolphins center Mike Pouncey, who played with Tebow at Florida. “Hopefully, the critics will get off him about what he can’t do and talk about the things that he can do, and that’s figure out a way to win the game, no matter what.”

Denver appeared beaten when it trailed 15-0 with 5:23 left and took over at its 20. At that point, Tebow was 4-for-14 passing for 40 yards.

“It was my fault we were in that position,” he said. “Silly things kept happening. On the sidelines, we were still believing. We wanted it, and they believed in me for more than 60 minutes.”

In the frantic final minutes of the fourth quarter, Tebow led TD drives of 80 and 56 yards sandwiched around a successful onside kick. He scored a twopoint conversion standing up with 17 seconds left to tie the game. In overtime, the Broncos’ D.J. Williams sacked Matt Moore to force a fumble and recovered it at the Miami 36. Three plays later, Prater kicked the gamewinner.

Denver (2-4) won for the first time in the eight games it has played on the Dolphins’ field. Miami (0-6) extended the NFL’s longest losing streak to nine games.

Tebow started for the benched Kyle Orton, and for much of the game the Broncos sputtered. Tebow was sacked seven times as he struggled to identify blitzes, and several throws landed nowhere near a receiver.

As he walked to the sideline after one series stalled, spectators jeered, and Dolphins players gestured to the crowd for more noise.

“You can’t lose confidence in yourself, or you’ve lost already,” Tebow said. “When you get knocked down, you’ve got to keep getting back up.”

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Online Job Hunting

by Mickey Mixon

There was a time when a person who wanted to find work had to buy newspaper and look through the classified ads section. The advent of the internet has changed that by creating opportunities for people to work either in a different state or in another country.

It has made the world a smaller place rendering it accessible for anyone with a computer to search for a job and apply to it.

There are many sites that offer such services, such as,, etc. All the person has to do is open an account, fill up the necessary fields then submit your resume.

These sites usually ask for pertinent information such as the person’s name, age, address, contact number and social security number.

Additional information that will be requested is educational background. Employment history is also another thing that has to be mentioned which includes the job description and highlights that one has experienced during that person’s career. A section in the account will also ask the preferred industry of work, if the person is willing to do field work or open to relocation and the expected salary should one be accepted for the job.

With all the information provided, these sites will then match your qualifications with the jobs available. This service is free and matches can be seen when the person logs on the account or you can get a notice via email.

Some sites offer a service with a fee that will place the resume over other applicants giving that person more priority but even that is a not a guarantee that one will get the job.

Online job hunting is not just for professionals. It caters to anyone who wants to work either full time, part time or on a per project or contract/consultant basis.

Applying online is not only done through job sites. You can also check the websites of companies that usually have a section on careers to see what openings are available. You simply have to go through the process of giving certain information and uploading your resume.

There are many jobs available in the market. The internet has made it easier for companies to make people aware that there are vacancies available. It has also made it convenient for applicants to apply online instead of walking to an office and dropping of a resume. With everything that is just a mouse click away, all it takes is a little effort on one’s part to sit down in front of a computer and looking for a job.

About the Author – Mickey Mixon
Sugar Land Businessman Mickey Mixon is a Licensed Private Investigator, and a Talented Internet Marketer specializing in Affiliate Marketing. Mickey’s career includes a 15 year career in Houston Texas area retailing, owning stores in 5 malls until 1998. In 1997 he formed the PI firm American Information Bureau/American Investigation Brokers LLC. In 1996 he published his first book, Job Search Survival ,with an updated edition released on July 4, 2009. He is also Ministry Coordinator for the SCBC Job’s Ministry in Sugar Land TX. Contact Mickey at JobSearchSurvival@gmail.com

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