Before You Go For the Interview, Research the Job

Looking for a job?  Then, research is another skill that you should add to your tool belt.   Research is not something that you will necessarily use in that new job; it’s a skill you will utilize in getting the job.


In a nutshell, research is used to identify those companies for which you might be interested in working, and digging up everything you can know about the company. And, there is an amazing amount of public information out there about almost any company you can pick.  Learning about the company’s culture, before you go for an interview, will likely increase your chances for success.


With the evolution of the Internet, your research can be accomplished rather easily. If you don’t have Internet access at home, you might try the library. Most libraries have public access computer terminals available for public use. If you’re not computer savvy, the library is still a great source of information about the companies you’d like to target for an interview.  Go to the central or regional library for the best selection of materials.  However, some branch libraries are also excellent resources.


Most libraries now have computerized card catalog files for magazines, newspapers and other helpful periodicals.  This computerization can save you a lot of time in your research.  If you are not comfortable with computer operation, ask the librarian. Most librarians are more than happy to show you how to conduct your research.  I’ve found that all it takes is a pleasant smile, a good attitude, and a sincere thank you.  Before you know it, you and the librarian are often on a first name basis!


Better yet, you could take some free classes from “The Job Search Survival Team”.


In response to the problem of increased unemployment during these hard times of recession, several volunteers in the Sugar Land area have joined forces to do whatever they can to help their jobless neighbors.

Mickey Mixon, coordinator of the group, explained the group’s purpose. “During these hard times, with more candidates competing for fewer available positions, it is imperative that those in the job-search-scramble learn to effectively communicate their experience, skills, accomplishments and personal attributes in order to ‘sell’ themselves to potential employers. Our aim is to equip each participant in the program with the necessary skills to accomplish that goal.  And, because we are all unpaid volunteers, all Job Search classes are completely free of charge.”


Participants are offered instruction on everything from development of their “elevator speech”, to networking and telemarketing skills, researching prospective employers, the writing of their resume, job search planning, interviewing and other skills related to finding a job.  The entire curriculum of classes can be completed over three successive half-day sessions, which are conducted each Wednesday morning.  Classes are repeated for the benefit of new participants, who may join the group at any point in the process.


Upon completion of the suggested class work, each participant is then encouraged to join an ongoing “Job Search Support Group”, which affords him/her the opportunity to discuss, network, share job leads and gain support and encouragement from other participants.


Sugar Creek Baptist Church has donated the use of its LYF Center, 13444 Southwest Freeway, just south of Highway 90A, and next door to Bally Fitness Center. The weekly meetings are held each Wednesday morning, and are open to anyone wanting to learn ways to make their job search more effective.  Pre-registration is not necessary. Doors open for registration at 8:30am, the Job Search Survival classes and the support group are conducted from 9:00am till Noon.


For more information, email the Job Search Survival Team at: or visit the website


About the Author – Bob Presley

In a professional career spanning more than 40 years, Bob gained extensive experience in radio and television communications, advertising, sales, sales management, marketing and business coaching.  He retired from CBS Radio in 1997 as General Sales Manager of CBS-owned Houston radio stations, KILT and KIKK.  In addition to his Job Search Survival duties, Bob serves as a SCORE volunteer and teaches a Bible class at Sugar Creek Baptist Church.  He and his wife, Coeta, have 2 children and 2 granddaughters.