Good Job! Good Job Interview

by Mickey Mixon


A job interview puts a lot of pressure on you. But, the more you practice, the easier they become.


No one likes pressure packed situations like having to answer questions thrown by the interviewer. But gather your thoughts, give good answers, and be confident in your abilities.


The following are additional things to take note of when you are there on the waiting room about to be interviewed:


* Tell yourself that you have prepared well and you must not feel nervous or unsure for the interview.

* Review the contents of your resume. You would be asked questions from that so it would really help if you know what to say.

* Think of questions that may be asked. Think about brief answers that you may give.

* Know that you look good. Check if there is something you could improve with how you look. When you feel good from within, it shows.

* Focus your mind on something or someone that would make you feel inspired. This is a way of keeping your self relaxed.

* Drink water if needed before getting inside the interview room. You would not be impressive if you sound choked.

* Whisper an encouraging line or say a quiet prayer and take that breath of confidence before entering the room for interview.


These simple reminders will help boost your self esteem as you conquer this new challenge in your life.  This is a new phase of your life that will pass, and will be passed by you. Remember, this job interview is just a petty test of your confidence.


About the Author – Mickey Mixon

Sugar Land Businessman Mickey Mixon is a Licensed Private Investigator, and a Talented Internet Marketer specializing in New Media and Affiliate Marketing . Mickey’s career includes a 15 year career in Houston Texas area retailing, owning stores in 5 malls until 1998. In 1997 he formed the PI firm American Information Bureau/American Investigation Brokers LLC. In 1996 he published his first book, Job Search Survival ,with an updated edition released on July 4, 2009. He is also Ministry Coordinator for the SCBC Job’s Ministry in Sugar Land TX.  Contact Mickey at