Job Search Tips for Sales Professionals

by Mickey Mixon


Each specific industry has a variety of requirements that an employee has to meet. In searching for jobs as sales professionals, how do you prepare for a competitive environment?


Here are useful tips you could perform in searching the appropriate job and acing the interview.


1) Research: In order to be prepared on your interview, you should learn important facts about the company beforehand.


* The internet is one of the best ways to search for information and most companies provide their own websites. Study the content of the company’s website; know their background, goals, and information about the top executives.


* By using search engines on the Internet, you could also obtain news and additional information about the progress of the company, past projects and issues, and organizations that the company is a member of.


* Review the stock market chart of the company. Since majority of shares are publicly traded, you could examine the recent stock price and learn the difficulties of its market over the past years. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the company will help you in the interview. It shows you have interest in the company.


* Learn as much information as possible about company competitors. When you read articles about the market place, you will find out who is a leader the market and you can find out the company’s competitors. Having this knowledge could help you during the interview since you could be able to justify how the company is better than its present competitors.


2) Attitude: Having the right attitude in the interview, and being able to carry that attitude over to the job itself would ensure the position is yours.


* Majority of successful sales professionals have a unique energy that you can feel. They command a presence and hold the attention of everyone. Be energetic about the job and the interview.


* Be enthusiastic. Since you have done your research about the company and its competitors, the interviewers will appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in the position.


3) Preparation: The position you desire could be yours as long as you show up prepared.


* Create a presentation by researching the products and services of the company. Be prepared to speak directly and intelligently about the company’s field.


* Provide statistics and industry related facts in your presentation. This goes to show that not only are you enthusiastic about the job, you are also aware of the condition of the industry.


* The fact about sales is that it is all about numbers. The more sales calls you make the more sales you make. If you are asked about your numbers, simply provide them with production reports, past employment lists or a W-2 forms of your yearly earnings.


By successfully performing these basic steps, the sales job could be yours, and is just a handshake away.


About the Author – Mickey Mixon

Sugar Land Businessman Mickey Mixon is a Licensed Private Investigator, and a Talented Internet Marketer specializing in New Media and Affiliate Marketing . Mickey’s career includes a 15 year career in Houston Texas area retailing, owning stores in 5 malls until 1998. In 1997 he formed the PI firm American Information Bureau/American Investigation Brokers LLC. In 1996 he published his first book, Job Search Survival ,with an updated edition released on July 4, 2009. He is also Ministry Coordinator for the SCBC Job’s Ministry in Sugar Land TX.  Contact Mickey at