The Ideal Resume

by Mickey Mixon


When you go in for an interview, the potential employer has no idea of who you are. In some cases, the person applied from a newspaper ad while others used a headhunter or job site on the internet and matched their credentials to the position.


The first impression employers usually get is the resume. Given the many that apply, this usually takes about 30 seconds, so you must be sure that the resume is well written and grammatically correct.


You must realize that a resume only gets you an interview. How you do in the interview determines if you get a job offer. A resume is not a history of your life. It contains the relevant facts that pertain to the job for which you are applying.  The resume should be tailored to the company and for the job. This should always start with pertinent information such as the person’s name, age, address, contact number and social security number.  The details here are needed so if one is considered to be a potential employer, it will be easy for the company to get in touch with the applicant and be scheduled for an interview.


Next is the summary statement, which is the reason why the applicant wants to apply for the position. By putting a strong goal in mind and not a general one, the employer will see that this person has a direction which is why that person wants to work for the company. Your summary statement should be focused towards what you can do for the company, not what you want or need from the company.


The next section should include the relevant skills and knowledge one has had in the current and previous jobs as well as highlighting one’s major accomplishments. By putting in detail the things one has done in that position and experiences learned from it, that information is already basis for the employer to see the potential the applicant has for that position. It shows the qualities one possesses and the benefits one can contribute to the further growth of the company.


After that, the resume should show your educational background.  Some companies prefer someone with a degree in a certain field, a licensed professional to do the job or one who possesses a master’s degree.  By showing your credentials, it is a good indicator of the type of training you have had in school and the accomplishments you have achieved in the course of your career.


The latter section should provide details such as hobbies, interests and character references.  Employers look at potential applicants who not only have the qualifications for the job but also those who also those who are well rounded. Being active in a certain organization and be seen as a leader in a group shows your social skills and ability to interact with others. Character references do the same and give people an idea how you performed working with that person.


A one page resume works best to secure an interview. The resume should qualify you for the job so you will hopefully secure an interview. However, it is fine to have a multi-page resume to take to the interview to give to the interviewer.


There is no ideal resume. It depends on the job. However, it is an important step you must pass before being called for that first interview.


About the Author – Mickey Mixon

Sugar Land Businessman Mickey Mixon is a Licensed Private Investigator, and a Talented Internet Marketer specializing in New Media and Affiliate Marketing . Mickey’s career includes a 15 year career in Houston Texas area retailing, owning stores in 5 malls until 1998. In 1997 he formed the PI firm American Information Bureau/American Investigation Brokers LLC. In 1996 he published his first book, Job Search Survival ,with an updated edition released on July 4, 2009. He is also Ministry Coordinator for the SCBC Job’s Ministry in Sugar Land TX.  Contact Mickey at